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Directive Health’s company values of transparency, ease, information and care are common in the healthcare space. So common that the World Economic Forum (WEF) has formed the Global Coalition for Value in Healthcare. Founded in 2019, this private- public collaboration is working to create best practices for healthcare around the world. Outside of the WEF Coalition, there are conversations and research happening in the United States looking to shift the quality of healthcare for everyone. 

In healthcare, a values based model is gaining attention for the following *core components of recalibration for the industry:

  • Refocus on health outcomes that include the entire person. 
  • Care is fragmented and one solution is patients having a multidisciplinary team working on their health concerns. Communication is a key pillar to this solution. 
  • Outcomes equity knocks out health inequity & disparities. 
  • Updating payment models to curb an increase in costs because they are driven by partnerships, outcomes, standardization, data, and the appropriate model.


Our company stands behind the values based healthcare model and are actively engaging in creating solutions for YOU that will improve your health outcomes. Stay tuned for exciting updates from our team over the coming months about how we are looking to change the ecosystem for the better. 

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Here’s to you a healthier and happier you. 

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