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Hello Readers,

Last week we shared resources that you can turn to if you need support navigating a situation or if you need someone to talk to. At Directive Health, we work hard every day to make sure that in the healthcare ecosystem YOU are empowered to make choices because you are well informed. There is a ton of information online and sometimes navigating sources can be overwhelming, so we thought we would jump in to share coverage requirements for mental health services under the Affordable Care Act. 

Quick background: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed congress and was signed into law in 2010. Generally speaking, this initiative was the most major overhaul and expansion of insurance since the 1960s. You can learn more here:

Okay, back to mental health under the ACA. Basically, coverage to support your mental health was expanded under ACA. A majority of employer based plans and medicare are now required to not only provide you with an easy to understand summary of what your plan entails, but should cover services to support mental health and substance use disorder services. Medicare does include these critical services as well. It is fair to assume that if you currently have insurance, your coverage will help you with these services. If for some reason you don’t, the tools we shared last week are free and confidential. Many employers have “Employee Assistance Programs” (EAP), which can offer free visits for various situations, such as a death, divorce, child etc. Also, many communities have free or sliding scale payment clinics that have passionate and helpful staff that can bring you relief. It is a great place to start.

We are rooting for you! Here’s to a healthier and happier you. 


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