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Dear Readers,

We hope you enjoyed the blog takeover from the Tennessee Respite Coalition! Please follow them on social media and visit their website to access resources and events in Tennessee for caregivers. 

November is National Homecare & Hospice Month and if you find yourself in one of those roles, here are some suggested tips to staying healthy and sane. 

  • Enjoy nutritious meals – we suggest you use the web to find quick, easy, and healthy meals. Like this website here.  
  • Exercise – take a walk, pump some iron, or listen to some tunes on the elliptical trainer. It may be hard to take a break from your caregiver role, but if you can, go clear your head and get some exercise. Your community may have an affordable 24 hour gym that you can access for equipment and classes. 
  • Get a flu vaccine – the last thing you need is to be under the weather while caring for someone else. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about where to get your shot.
  • Meditate – take a five minute break to clear your head. Here is a meditation that we suggest:
  • Read – pick up a book, either a paperback or digital, to disappear into another world for a bit. Your local library is a great free resource for books, ebooks, music, movies, magazines, and newspapers.

To support you we have created a Caregiver Weekly Planner – check it out! Click the image for a printable pdf. 

Thanks for all that you do and we hope you can stay healthy and grounded this winter. 


Erin McDermott

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