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As we grow our company’s digital footprint, it is really important to us that you get to meet the faces of the Directive Health Team. 

He is another one of our founders, dedicated to service, medicine, transparency, and Directive Health’s cataltyic mission. 

Readers, meet Dr Sprouse. Directive Health’s Founder and Chief Medical Officer.


Dr. Larry Richard Sprouse II

What is your role with DH 

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Where are you based 

Chattanooga, TN 

You have an extensive and impressive medical career – what have been some of your career highlights? 

I have worn many hats over the years in the medical community. Everything from a Marco Polo Fellowship in Belgium and the Netherlands to starting a fellowship training program for vascular surgeons in 2008 to working at a substance abuse hospital and plasma center. In addition, I’m honored to have served on boards for different organizations in the Southern United States and for providing research and lectures to the medical community locally and internationally. 

How did you come up with this business idea? 

Along with co-founder, Bobby Huffaker, we saw a need to support managing patients’ medical information.  Over the years, I’ve seen patients from all walks of life that didn’t know anything about their medical history which can be quite inefficient. On top of that, the patients that do have information have to gather it from so many sources which can be frustrating for everyone involved. 

Given Bobby’s success with his other company, American Exchange, we’ve worked hard to create a team to bring data control back to the patient. This encourages efficiency, transparency, control, and the best provider care. 

Why is now the right time for DH to launch a mobile tool for healthcare? 

This tool has been a long time coming. Everyone has a phone, so we can help people have access to their information while using a mobile device. The COVID-19 pandemic really demonstrated to people the importance of being more personally responsible for their health and not relying on a system. Over the past ten years, there has been a shift as a physician to provide electronic health records. The more accurate those records are, the better info we have to treat patients and to eliminate unnecessary tests and procedures. In general, Americans want to be more responsible, so at Directive Health we are excited to support the healthcare industry in such a meaningful way. 

What are you most excited for at DH? 

I’m excited about the team Bobby has put in place to bring our idea to fruition. I think everyone is and will continue to be outstanding in their roles. In addition, I’m looking forward to the positive response we are going to receive from patients and organizations regarding our product. It will be used to positively impact so many lives. 

Who are you rooting for this football season? 

*Interviewer’s note* At the time of this interview, Dr. Sprouse had a hoarse voice because he had attended a TN Volunteers Football game – they won! 

“VOLS…all the way!” – Dr. Sprouse 


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