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Orange, brown and yellow leaves in the driveway. Rain on the back patio. An excited puppy herding you to the treat jar. Whimsical, yet common scenes as we begin a new season. 

These magical moments can shift suddenly and can unfortunately, lead to you taking a bit of a tumble. Many adults worry about falling and we want you to spend this next season enjoying a pumpkin spice latte and not in the emergency room with a twisted ankle. Here are some easy tips to prevent falls from the National Institute of Aging. 

  • Stay physically active. 
  • Have your vision and hearing tested. 
  • Find out about side effects from medication. 
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Limit alcohol intake. 
  • Stand up slowly. 
  • Use an assistive device to steady yourself when you get up and when walking. 
  • Be careful on wet or icy surfaces. 
  • Wear the right shoes that support your feet. 


At Directive Health, we strive to support the entire person and that includes sharing with our readers proactive behaviors that will keep you safe and healthy. Learn more about our work and fall in like by following us on social media. 

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Here’s to a happier, healthier, and safer you. 


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