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Earlier this week we shared Directive Health’s values and our vision for the future of healthcare. It is time for us to take a deeper look at two values – transparency and information. As the world adapts to using more efficient technology, having instant access to personal information is critical. To avoid your information being shared or hacked, we encourage you to take the following steps to protect your info. 

  • Passwords! Passwords! Passwords! Make sure they are long and complicated. You can use a password generator tool if you run out of ideas. Also, there are multiple password keepers online that can help you keep track of your account passwords – much better than writing them in a notebook or on a tissue in your home office. 
  • Update your computer’s anti-virus and anti-malware software.
  • Don’t answer those spam calls or spam emails! Most reputable companies will not ask that you share your personal info (like a social security number or bank account info) with them via email. 
  • Enable multi-factor authentication. This extra step will save you a headache later.

As we barrel towards 2023, sit down with your loved ones and figure out the right combination of cyber security behaviors that you can adapt in the new year to keep your information safe! Leave us a comment if we missed something. 

Here’s to a healthier, happier, and more secure you! 


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