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Directive Health’s Founder, Bobby Huffaker (who you will meet next week), is fascinated by the 21st Century Cure’s Act and how technology can be used to disseminate highly sensitive medical data. As we ramp up for our product launch, we wanted to share a high level overview of the Cure’s Act that was signed into law in 2016. 

The main pillars of the Cure’s Act include: 

  • $6.3 billion in funding primarily for the National Institute of Health 
  • Improved processes for drug approval 
  • Increased beds in psychiatric hospitals 

As previously mentioned, the pillar that Bobby was most curious about and is the backbone to the technology we create at Directive Health, is the availability YOU have to access your healthcare records. Before the 2016 Cure’s Act, records were blocked and inaccessible. Now, there are severe penalties if you can’t access your info. Our company is harnessing those records in a secure way (with the user’s permission) to make sure you are informed and supported on your healthcare journey.


Here’s to a happier, healthier and more informed you!

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