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Hello Dear Readers, 

We hope you are having a restful Labor Day. As we reflect on the contributions and achievements of all Americans today, we can’t help but focus on the importance of rest and the role it plays in our individual and collective successes. 

Numerous studies (UPenn, Harvard, Sleep Foundation) state a tale as old as time, more rest means a happier, more focused and productive, and less stressed you. We want those things for you! We want those things for us! 

Rest can include a deep sleep or quiet time like meditation. We reached out to our Directive Health Teammates for their rest tips and tricks and decided to share with you. 

“Screen off, a cup of hot tea with a touch of honey, a hot shower and classical music on the headphones. That usually puts me in a good place.” – Chris, DH Chief Operating Officer 

“Implement a wind down routine prior to bedtime! Ditch the screen for at least 1 hour prior to the time you plan to fall asleep. Switch it out for a book, or time for mindfulness instead.” – Danielle, DH Analyst 

“My advice is to not set goals around getting rest or waiting until you reach a certain place in life to set up good sleep habits. Create a system around good sleep. Don’t let sleep be a goal that always slips through your fingers.” – Trevor, DH Lead Analyst 

“I use a lot of meditation apps to relax and recharge. Also, when resting or getting ready for sleep I relax my shoulders, do a full body scan to relieve tension, and stretch.” – Erin, DH Director of Grants 


Here’s to a healthier and happier YOU! Now go get some rest! 

Erin McDermott

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